Tokui na koto yori mo suki na koto ga ii

Starring: YUI [as Amane Kaoru] and Tsukamoto Takashi [as Koji]
Director: Norihiro Koizumi
Release: Japan, 2006.06.17

Read the synopsis: click here

The Trailer [direct download]
right click and ‘save target as..’

The Movie [undirect download – hosted by MegaUpload]
CD 1:

Part 1 – dOwnLoaD
Part 2 – dOwnLoaD
Part 3 – dOwnLoaD
Part 4 – dOwnLoaD
Part 5 – dOwnLoaD
Part 6 – dOwnLoaD
Part 7 – dOwnLoaD
Part 8 – dOwnLoaD
English Subtitle 1 – dOwnLoaD

The Movie [undirect download – hosted by MegaUpload]
CD 2:

Part 1 – dOwnLoaD
Part 2 – dOwnLoaD
Part 3 – dOwnLoaD
Part 4 – dOwnLoaD
Part 5 – dOwnLoaD
Part 6 – dOwnLoaD
Part 7 – dOwnLoaD
Part 8 – dOwnLoaD
English Subtitle 2 – dOwnLoaD

update broken link in July 2009
credits: Asian Media Distro

Taiyou no Uta OST:
YUI for Amane Kaoru SINGLE – Good-bye Days
Type: RAR file
Size: 15 MB
[undirect download, hosted by RapidShare]
update broken link in may 2009

[PV] YUI – Good-bye Days
Type: MPG file
Size: 222 MB
[undirect download, hosted by SendSpace]
report broken link, i havent got the new link

Taiyou no Uta snapshot pics


43 Comment(s)

  1. Emma

    Februari 22, 2007 pukul 12:28 PM

    First of all I want to thank you so so so much for uploading this. It took me about a week to download, but it was so worth it. Especially once I figured out how to view the subtitles.
    I actually saw the “Good-Bye Days” PV before anything and thought it looked like a good, but sad movie. That’s exactly what it is. I really like YUI and…. that was another reason I wanted to watch it.
    Her performances in it were pretty nice!! It’s a really cute/good/sad movie and I just wanna say THANK YOU for uploading it!! I enjoyed it SO MUCH.

  2. Joey

    Februari 25, 2007 pukul 11:54 AM

    Hi… I don’t know how to download the movie from the link above? Can someone please help me. I’m dying to watch this. thank you.

  3. cloudscream

    Februari 26, 2007 pukul 11:37 AM

    just click the links and you will be taken to a download site. you must download all of the 12 parts, and after downloading, you must extract them simultaneously. oh, you will need the WinRAR archiver software.

  4. RisaWamuRa

    Februari 26, 2007 pukul 2:18 PM

    For Emma:
    yes yes you’re welcome :-)
    i’m happy can help you
    coz i like YUI, so i like to share it

    For Joey:
    yes, just follow like Cloud said
    maybe it will takes many hours to download it
    and, sorry for the english subtitle, it placed on notepad

    enjoy it :-)

  5. fri3ng3r

    Maret 6, 2007 pukul 10:15 AM

    U can reupload to i want to watch this movie? :((

  6. Blazer

    Maret 6, 2007 pukul 11:34 PM

    Thank you uploading this film.
    I have not yet watch all of the film but the beginning tell me that it’s going to be a good film, though little sad!
    Yui is just great when singing and, i now know, as an actress also.

  7. Henks

    Maret 7, 2007 pukul 4:32 PM

    somebody upload them(in these parts, cuz i already downloaded some of them) to either megaupload/megashare/rapidshare please…..
    It’s sooooo sad to download from turboupload with my 5-6 kbps internet connection.

  8. RisaWamuRa

    Maret 7, 2007 pukul 9:37 PM

    awww… so sorry to hear that you guys cant download the movie
    i dont know if i can reupload it to another host….
    it takes many times too to upload it
    and i quite busy lately..
    sorry cant help you for now
    wish next time..
    or others can help?

  9. fri3ng3r

    Maret 8, 2007 pukul 8:35 AM

    when i finish my downloads, i will reup for u ^^?

  10. Henks

    Maret 9, 2007 pukul 4:14 PM

    don’t bother to up it except you really consider any other person with a lag connection, just like me, is going to download it. Cuz I’ve downloaded 10 parts already. A big one and the smallest one to go….
    But thanks for your concerns…many thanks…
    Also, thanks to RisaWamuRa for sharing the movie that is starred by my most favorite artist

  11. KimBim

    Maret 9, 2007 pukul 11:40 PM

    Does this movie have English hardsubs?

  12. RisaWamuRa

    Maret 10, 2007 pukul 2:50 PM

    Henks: yokatta ne :-)

    KimBim:the english subtitle placed on notepad
    you will get it after you download those all parts and extract it

  13. Wilson

    Maret 11, 2007 pukul 9:20 AM


    Just to share, you can use Speed DVD Creator to convert the downloaded files and burn to DVD, and with subtitle as prepared in .srt format.

    I can now watch it from my home DVD player.

    Thanks for the sharing…

  14. fri3ng3r

    Maret 11, 2007 pukul 10:37 PM

    Nice movie ! daisuki da yo!!

  15. wtfitslekzen

    Maret 11, 2007 pukul 11:14 PM

    Question:when you watch the movie after you download all…do the subtitles will apear on the screen?????????? or read manualy on the note pad???

  16. cloudscream

    Maret 12, 2007 pukul 1:03 PM

    the subtitles are on a separate file included in the download. the .srt or the .ssa file. i suggest you use Media Player Classic (not Windows Media PLayer) to load the subtitle files. also, i cannot get the subs to work in VLC player.

    search Google for Media player classic (MPC) downloads.

  17. wtfitslekzen

    Maret 13, 2007 pukul 8:26 PM

    wow it works thanks man!!!!!…..

  18. Yutankin

    Maret 20, 2007 pukul 8:19 PM

    i already have Media player classic but i cant still view the subtitles. please someone help me step by step ..

  19. Yutankin

    Maret 20, 2007 pukul 8:25 PM

    it says to view the subtitles i have to changes the video renderer type and reopen the file
    -Directshow VMR7/VMR9 renderless or haali’s
    -Real Media: special renderer

  20. wtfitslekzen

    Maret 20, 2007 pukul 9:09 PM

    have you extrack all files even the subtitle?? in the same directory

  21. Yutankin

    Maret 20, 2007 pukul 9:13 PM

    yes. the .ssa file, .srt file, txt file and the wma file in the same directory

  22. wtfitslekzen

    Maret 20, 2007 pukul 9:49 PM

    hey.. if you play the movie in mpc do you see a green arrow upwards in your left taskbar neer the time?..if you do right click then click view subtitles

  23. Yutankin

    Maret 20, 2007 pukul 10:02 PM

    no ..i didn’t seen any green arrow

  24. cloudscream

    Maret 22, 2007 pukul 12:09 PM

    oh sorry.. i forgot to mention the one about Directshow…

    to be able to load the subtitles on MPC:
    1.on the menu, select “View”
    2.then select “Options”
    3. in the Options window, on the left side, click “Output” (it’s under “Playback”) VMR7 (renderless). “OK”
    8. Now you can load the subtitles by using “File->Load Subtitles”

    NOTE: VMR9 requires Directx 9.0 and Windows XP while VMR7 requires WindowsXP only. if you have DirectX9, it’s better to use VMr9 than VMR7.

  25. cloudscream

    Maret 22, 2007 pukul 12:13 PM

    the “green arrow” that wtfitslekzen was talking about is the progra “Vobsub”. (which is another way to view the subtitles using MPC)

  26. cloudscream

    Maret 22, 2007 pukul 12:16 PM

    ^^edit: i mean “program”

  27. Bingo

    Maret 23, 2007 pukul 8:49 AM

    Anyone know if there were alternate fansubs (SRT, preferably) released? The ones included in most torrents are pitiful.

  28. Yutankin

    Maret 23, 2007 pukul 12:57 PM

    many thnx … :))

  29. Robson

    April 7, 2007 pukul 3:11 AM

    part05 link is broken =/

  30. mr. 3 days

    April 19, 2007 pukul 10:48 PM

    my tears just fall after seeing this movie….. Its a great movie thanks for sharing… ^_^

  31. Light Reclusion

    Mei 11, 2007 pukul 12:19 PM

    So.. how do I burn this onto a dvd, with the subtitles?

  32. Iki

    Mei 18, 2007 pukul 9:33 AM


  33. Ping-balik: YUI starred on Movie « oNaji suKi dEsu yO?

  34. RisaWamuRa

    Mei 27, 2009 pukul 9:32 AM

    i’ve updated the broken link for the single Good-bye Days..
    enjoy download it ^^

    • Johnny

      Oktober 26, 2009 pukul 11:50 AM

      Risa, I don’t know why, but when I play CD 1 my video starts clipping at 38 minutes and continues to do so until late 45. I have tried other players–Windows Media, DivX, Real Player, KMPlayer, VLC–as alternatives, but that doesn’t seem to fix the problem. If you have a recommended player, that will fix the problem, please leave me a note. On a side note: I was looking into buying the DVD too, but found that the versions with English subtitles have regional locks for my country, and that obviously defeated the whole purpose of the would-be purchase.

      I will be awaiting your assistance,

      Any news on international DVD formats, WITHOUT regional locks, WITH English subtitles would also be appreciated. Thank you.

      • Risa

        Oktober 31, 2009 pukul 5:33 PM

        aww.. so sorry to hear that, Johnny :-(
        i dont know why exactly, bcoz i dont download from that link
        i have my own video that i downloaded long time ago, and now i got it as broken link, so i updated here the new one. i only share for those who not have the movie yet.
        umm…. im afraid i cant help you way much..

        actually, i have other link for this movie, but unfortunately it’s in local link,im afraid you cant access the link.. oya, and it has a hardsub on it, indonesian sub.
        have u heard IndoWebster?
        maybe u want give a try, here is the +link+

      • BY

        Juli 16, 2011 pukul 7:51 PM

        Same problem here, stops at 38 until 40-something

  35. Johnny

    November 1, 2009 pukul 2:53 AM

    Oh, it’s okay, Risa. Thanks for putting this up for others though.

  36. kav

    Juli 19, 2010 pukul 5:14 PM

    Y it say unknown format or damaged when i try to extract it? Muz download all CD1 & CD2 only can extract or wat?

  37. Sherry

    Mei 19, 2011 pukul 9:35 PM

    Can you please give me the password for YUI for Amane Kaoru SINGLE – Good-bye Days ? I cannot open the file. T.T

  38. BY

    Juli 10, 2011 pukul 11:28 PM

    Thanks a lot, this is the clearest version I’ve found over 8 hours + of searching.

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