Tokui na koto yori mo suki na koto ga ii

YUI – CHE.R.RY 2007.3.7

yui cherry

2. Driving Today
3. Rolling Star ~acoustic version~
4. CHE.R.RY ~instrumental~

5 track list (include CHE.R.RY ~acoustic version~ fanmade) + 4 image covers
Type: RAR file
Size: 38,5 MB
[undirect download, hosted by RapidShare]

Type: AVI file
Size: 72,3 MB
[direct download, right click then ‘save target as..’]

Making of PV CHE.R.RY
Type: WMV file
Size: 37,6 MB
[direct download, right click then ‘save target as..’]


4 Comment(s)

  1. the_third_kind

    Maret 10, 2007 pukul 9:20 PM

    Thanks Risawamura-san!! downloading che.r.ry now… cant wait to listen to it… but i know its going to be good… YUI is always good… :-D

  2. kazhee

    Juni 17, 2007 pukul 3:02 PM

    So bad…
    making of PV CHE.R.RY link was expired..T_T
    can you repost please…

  3. Amy

    Juli 1, 2007 pukul 9:00 AM

    Hi… thanks for uploading the CHERRY single.. but the making of Cherry was expired.. sorry for asking but can you re-post it pls.. million thanks!

  4. RisaWamuRa

    Juli 3, 2007 pukul 1:04 PM

    Sorry…. thanks for waiting
    I already repost the new link of CHE.R.RY PV making
    i also added the link for the PV
    enjoy! :)

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