Tokui na koto yori mo suki na koto ga ii

Battle Royale

At the dawn of the Millenium, the nation collapsed. At 15% unemployment, 10 million were out of work, 800,000 students boycotted school. The adults lost confidence, and fearing the youth, eventually passed the ‘Millenium Educational Reform Act’…AKA: The BR Act.”


This is my most favorite Japanese movie ever for sure!!!

Battle Royale, a film by the veteran Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku, tells the story of a dystopic future in which each year, a randomly-selected 9th grade class is kidnapped and sent to a deserted island where they are equipped with weapons and are forced to kill each other until one survivor is left. The movie, which premiered in Japan on December 16, 2000 amidst much controversy, is based on a bestselling novel by Koushun Takami.

– Beat Takeshi
– Tetsuya Fujiwara
– Aki Maeda
– Taro Yamamoto
– Masanobu Ando
– Chiaki Kuriyama
– Kou Shibasaki
and many more!!

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  • Battle Royale II

    It’s three years after the events of the original Battle Royale, and Shuya Nanahara is now an internationally-known terrorist determined to bring down the government. His terrorist group, Wild Seven, stages an attack that levels several buildings in Tokyo on Christmas Day, killing 8000 people.

    Exactly one year afterward, the government enacts the “New Century Terrorist Counter-Measure Alternative” program, a.k.a. the BRII act, and sends the forty-two students of Shikanotoride Junior High Class 3-B to hunt Nanahara and his cohorts down in their island stronghold. Shiori Kitano, the daughter of the late headmaster of Nanahara’s Battle Royale, signs up for the program, to avenge her father.

    In order for the government to study the benefits of “teamwork,” the new students work in pairs, with their collars electronically linked so that if one of them is killed, the other dies as well. They must kill Nanahara in three days–or die.

    I am BR lover!!!


    – Tatsuya Fujiwara
    – Ai Maeda
    – Shugo Oshinari
    – Ayana Sakai
    – Natsuki Kato
    – Riki Takeuchi
    and many more!!

  • Official Site
  • Battle Royale II
  • Addition from Wikipedia:

    Battle Royale was labeled “crude and tasteless” by members of Japanese parliament and other government officials after the film was screened for them, even before its general release. The film created a debate over government action on media violence.

    Many conservative politicians used the film to blame popular culture for a youth crime wave. Ilya Garger of TIME magazine said that Battle Royale received “free publicity” and received “box-office success usually reserved for cartoons and TV-drama spin-offs.”

    Battle Royale grossed ¥3.11 billion domestically. (around $25 million US)

    At the 2001 Japanese Academy Awards the film was nominated for best film, best direction, best script, best starring actor (Tatsuya Fujiwara), best soundtrack (Masamichi Amano), and best sound-recording (Kunio Ando). The film won best editing (Hirohide Abe), Tatsuya Fujiwara and Aki Maeda won rookie of the year, and Battle Royale won the audience popularity prize for a film.

    The detracting critics not only point out plot-holes, but also note its relation to the increasingly extreme trend in Asian cinema and its similarity to reality television.


    6 Comment(s)

    1. cloudscream

      Februari 19, 2007 pukul 1:26 PM

      i want to download this movie with the subs…but i cannot find where to download it, the movie and the subs. oh… =( i liked the first BR so much!!

    2. cloudscream

      Februari 27, 2007 pukul 9:58 PM

      Finally, i have seen this movie. I see that there are lots of downgrading negative reviews for BR II. Maybe because it has touched sensitive issues like the hegemony of the U.S., and many US sympathizers were hurt. heheh… hmm…glaring biases.

      As a sequel, it’s pretty good.
      What do you think?

    3. RisaWamuRa

      Februari 28, 2007 pukul 7:31 PM

      i think the 2nd BR is more into battle and war..
      so many shoots, and kills
      and on the end of movie is a very great to watch
      it is like,, the meaning of all those fighting
      overall is an awesome movie, and i love it so much!
      though i love the first one more

    4. Chelsey

      Agustus 3, 2008 pukul 1:53 AM

      I love this movie. I think there’s a great moral lesson behind it.
      “There are 6.3 billion people leading ordinary lives…
      6.3 ways to lives…
      6.3 billion ways of peace…
      6.3 billion ways of justice…
      6.3 billion ways of war…
      …and evil.” – Shuya Nanahara.

    5. Vee

      April 30, 2009 pukul 4:05 PM

      i watched BR many-many times and i never get bored…. what i like the most is the storyline, never imagined if i had to kill my best friend… worse, kill or to be killed…
      BR II is way more into action, but the first one still the best… ^^ i wonder if they’ll make BR III :p
      BR in Manga version is good too, too bad i haven’t read the Novel… di Japan Foundation ada ga yah???

    6. RisaWamuRa

      Mei 14, 2009 pukul 12:32 PM

      a remake of Battle Royale is being “set up” at New Line Cinema.

      how it goes yah??

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