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A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me to do a favor. She asked me to write kind of article themed friendship. One topic straightly comes to mind at that time is…. friendship between man and woman. Umm.. I think this would be an interesting topic, and i have my own opinion about this, though. So, here we go.

Nowadays, men and women are interacting very actively. They have common hobbies and for that, it can be stay in platonic relationship, like brother-sister. Huh? Do you really think that kind of friendship is exist? Okay, first, let’s try to look into what friendship does mean.


Friendship is co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more people

For most of men, friendship with women is more flexible, they can express their own feelings not like with a man. Because friendship between men is based on acts. Men hate being filed under indecisive. Men would rather do something then talk about it. That’s why we rarely see a man speaking to his friend for hours, about upcoming trip, for example.

Whereas, the friendship between women mostly based on trust. It is an open secret that women like to pouring their hearts out to each other, they enjoy giving advice and debate a variety of subjects at length. Friendship with men, women like to have pretended brothers, because with a male friend she can feel safe.

And for that good reason, maybe they (men or women) can talk with their friends about things which should not be touched upon when talking with their spouses or partners with no worries. Yeah, because usually human beings enjoy their time with the opposite sex, right?
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Shia labeouf

Shia Saide LaBeouf (pronounced “SHY-uh luh-BUFF”) born in June 11, 1986.

Hyaaaa.. i never thought that he is in that age. Recently, he is on my top favorite actor, beside Edward Norton. I started to love him, when i watched Transformer 2; the revenge of the Fallen. Haha, yes, i watched the second one then continue to the first. Thanks to myKareshi for introducing me to this film. And, i watched Eagle Eye, too. He is so freakin cute!!

I heard he is a cigarette smoker, but he has recently stated that he’s quitting smoking. Yey!! i hate smoker, except Sawamura, haha, hey he’s not the real one! he’s just a character in manga anyway.
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