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wish a Happy Birthday to my beloved Fukakyon a.k.a Kyoko Fukada!!!!!

yay! she’s 27 now! and i’ll become 24 soon on nov 30 as well.. nyahaha.
her latest movie is Yatterman. i hope she will more productive next year!

Full name: Fukada Kyoko
Nickname: Fukakyon
Bod: Tokyo, Nov 2nd 1982

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My favourite actress Kyoko Fukada, popularly known as Fukakyon, has showed off the costume she wears as bad girl Doronjo in “Yatterman” – a movie directed by Takashi Miike, and based on the animation which first aired in the late 1970s.
About her sexy costume, it has been changed recently, from her sexy tight costume because the buttons were breaking off and she has recently put on a lot of weight. Nyahaha.. but I still love her even she has been lil fat. During filming, her skirt also split open. Then she has been told to stay out from high calorie meals until the film is finished. I think it is not a big matter for her. She keeps confidence in any way, agree??

Cast & Crew
Takashi Miike, Director
Sho Sakurai, Gan-chan
Saki Fukuda, Ai-chan
Kyoko Fukada, Doronjo
Katsuhisa Namase, Boyakki
Sadao Abe, Dr. Kaieda

yatter at shibuya
Release Date: Japan, March 7 2009
The story is about Gan Takada, a mechanically-inclined boy and Ai Kaminari, his cute cohort who, in the original 1977 television series and its 2008 reprise, do weekly battle against the forces of evil–namely a woman named Doronjo and her two male cohorts, Boyakki and Tonzler. Behind the scenes on the evil side, there’s an unseen character named Dokurobe who sends the trio through time and space on a quest for items which, if assembled, will allow him his dream of ultimate power. Each side pits a humorous array of robots and mechanisms against each other. Besides the obvious improvements in animation technology over the last thirty years, there are other differences between the two series. Gan is lazier in the new series, Ai is more possessive, and Doronjo’s outfit is sexier. However, I still prefer the original series–and I’m not alone. Doronjo is the main difference. She was a much more likable character in the ’70s version–and I have to admit she was one of the draws that kept me coming back to the TV every week. Takashi Miike did his best to follow the original series and, in doing so, kept the target demographic in the teen to adult range. Miike made Donojo a very likable character–and the drop-dead gorgeous Kyoko Fukada fills that character–and (you’ve got to see it to believe it) costume–very well.

Miike also restored Boyacky to a pathetic genius with an unrequited crush on a Doronjo who plays him like a fiddle. He also restored Gan to status of willing hero and lowered Ai’s maintenance level a notch. He also restored the ’70s Yatter-policy of not providing real names of people or places. In this movie, for example, they travel to Ogypt and the Southern Halps.

Credits: comment on imdb

anyone.. have seen the film? Watch the trailer below;