Choose to hang around good people, so that goodness will rub off on you.

If you hang around negative people, that same negativity will rub off on you.

No. I am not saying that we should never mingle with others or old friends. Or even discriminate against them.

But when they begin to have a negative affect on our life, especially on our spiritual life, then maybe it’s time to loosen the bonds.

Happiness is a choice. But remember, life is a journey, not our final destination. Every choice we make today is also a choice for tomorrow.

Feel sorry for your deceased family. They are Frightened. Anxious. Waiting for their children’s prayer in the grave until the judgement day.

And they must be asked for their responsibility toward you. Do you have any heart to see them crying and suffering, just because of what bad things you have done today?

It’s someone else business. You think I’m Bothering them and wasting my time. No. I’m not judging others by their sins while forgetting my own.

Just because i love you, my dear. Remember, you would not live this life forever, dear.

May Allah leads us to the right way, to the endless life.

Allahu’alam bisshawab. Allah knows the best.

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