Shia labeouf

Shia Saide LaBeouf (pronounced “SHY-uh luh-BUFF”) born in June 11, 1986.

Hyaaaa.. i never thought that he is in that age. Recently, he is on my top favorite actor, beside Edward Norton. I started to love him, when i watched Transformer 2; the revenge of the Fallen. Haha, yes, i watched the second one then continue to the first. Thanks to myKareshi for introducing me to this film. And, i watched Eagle Eye, too. He is so freakin cute!!

I heard he is a cigarette smoker, but he has recently stated that he’s quitting smoking. Yey!! i hate smoker, except Sawamura, haha, hey he’s not the real one! he’s just a character in manga anyway.
LaBeouf drives a Nissan Maxima, wears contact lenses, has three known tattoos as of May 2009, which are: 1986-2004 on his inner right wrist, a dog paw tattoo on his upper left arm, and a hand with a shackle on it on his left upper side torso. Shia Labeouf premier
LaBeouf said of the reason to why he got the tattoo on his wrist was
“I’ve been doing this for 10 years, a lot of people say, ‘Oh, I forgot my childhood or I miss my childhood.” and continued with “so that’s just precautionary”.
LaBeouf also described the tattoo on his upper side torso as “It’s like an artist drawing his own prison” and continued with “Just life. That’s where I’m at”.

+ Holes
+ I, Robot
+ The Greatest Game Ever Played
+ Constantine
+ Disturbia
+ Transformers 1, 2, and 3
+ Eagle Eye
+ New York, I Love You
…and many more

Why do i like him? simple, he’s my type. haha!
besides he is so damn cute, i like the way he talks.. haha. o yeah, and one more thing.. he looks like Chester Bennington, and Pasha Ungu (but i only love Chester ok.. hehe)

Chester Bennington
Edward Norton