morning musume
YOU can bring out the attractiveness in MORNING MUSUME

About a month ago, Momusu was in collaboration with Myspace to collected Original Promotion Video contest submissions. This a world-scale contest that everyone could take chance making the promotion video for 3, 2, 1 Breakin’ Out! The contestant was given some free distributional video footage of Momusu members, and here the contestant could create and mix-match the video into their best creative one, and submitted to Myspace.
The submitted videos then has be judged by proucer Tsunku and the members of Momusu, and will be announced at the Anime Expo that held in America this July.

The Top 25 nominees has been judged, unfortunately, none from my country :P. However, i have watching some videos submitted, and they were not so bad. From many videos submitted, here the Top 25;

14 nominees from Japan
2 nominees from USA
2 nominees from Canada
And the rest nominees from Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Norway, Hongkong, Netherland, and Austria.

You can click link below to watch their videos, one by one.

And finally, the Best work (the winner) has been judged, too. I was not surprised, because i have watched his/her video on myspace, and she/he is awesome. Great work.
The winner is: I.C
Here is the link to watch the video;
I.C. video on Myspace

The best work will get awards as following;
*390,000 Yen
*Original comment video from MORNING MUSUMEcongratulating the winner
*Work will be included as special footage in future video product from UP-FRONT WORKS.

Congratulation for I.C!!

And here is the original full version PV for “3, 2, 1, BREAKIN’ OUT!

Source: Momusu Official Myspace