Since Maaki Onaga (20) married by Masato Nakamura (49) last June 2008 ago.. Maaki has quit her group (High and Mighty Color) and become a housewife. FYI, they both are now expecting their first child. No date was given, but Nakamura is expected to make a formal announcement.

So.. who’s the lucky one that will be replaced as the vocalist in High and Mighty Color? On their official Web, it has be said that they will announce the new vocalist in the mid of 2009. The rumour said, it will be a woman, with a long straight hair. Her name is HALCA. But somehow..i assummed it will be a guy. i dont know yet.

Will just hope.. the new vocalist will be best as Maaki.

The new vocalist has been showed up!!
it’s a woman…. umm.. maybe a lil bit darker than Maaki, coz i heard her taste of music sounds like Kurt Kobain. But she’s cute, agree?? hehe. Umm.. let’s see then.
Halca HandMC New HandMC

new ALBUM 「swamp man」 2009.09.02

01. swamp man
02. XYZ
03. good bye
04. eyes
05. fry me to other moon
06. pain
07. 7.2
08. hate
09. living
10. you