Someone from YUI Lover forum was mentioned by YUI. Some more YUI read her name and played her band’s cover of LIFE. It all started from this thread in YL:

Send your guitar clips to YUI @ YUI LOCKS!!

Which you can either play F chord or do a cover of LIFE and send it to YUI Locks. YUI will play these audios from time to time in the show.

Minute 10:55

YUI: Next, this one’s awesome, crossing over the seas, received it from a place called Toronto in Canada. Seems like it was from a band called Shinigami. “We’ve played our favourite song, LIFE!” “Take a listen to Shinigami’s version of LIFE ya~” or something were kinda written on it.

Original message was all in English:
“Dear YUI Locks, We are from Toronto, Canada. We hope you enjoy our version of LIFE (it is our favourite song!) Thanks for listening. Rock on!”

YUI: In the end of the message you see, ‘Rock on!’ was written on it. Kakkoi! For no apparent reason you will just feel like wanna say it out, “ROCK ON~!” うん. Lets hear it shall we? LIFE, Shinigami’s version.

Music: Shinigami – LIFE

YUI: はい、*in western-ish tone* Shinigami’s version of LIFE (laughs). You know, the writings on the CD, as I said earlier “listen to it ya” that comment part, members names (probably) were written on it. Vocal, Nezy, lead guitar, Ahin? Rhythm guitar, Alanna (our dear forum member!!), piano, Jimmy, bass, Eric, percussion, Nido (or Niro?), drums, none, were written on it. Oh yea, seems like there’s no Japanese names on it isn’t it. But then it sounded very Japanese isn’t it? Wonder if they can speak Japanese or not…However the best among all was this included “Rock On!”, and with the band name ‘Shinigami’, without thinking further it was “SOFT!” (laughs). I was really surprised by such soft/ gentle sound. うん. And then you know, I was thinking how on earth they managed to listen to YUI LOCKS, maybe their friend (tomodachi) told them about it?? I guess so.

YUI: It seems that not just Japan, there are also LIFE covers from different cultures, I think it’s great and I’m really touched by it. Such warm (atatakai) sound was sent to me, I’m really ureshii! (happy, delighted). Hopefully this message can be heard, it will be great. うん. I’m really happy with all the entries received, all of you, thank you very much!!

Minute 17:20 – ROCK ON~!!

Nyahahahaha!! i was so surprised know these all.. Because i have band that almost same as Shinigami, and cover YUI too! Ummm.. wondering my band can do the same thing.. nyahaha!

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