Here some facts that i pick up from random source:

# YUI can’t talk much in front of many people..usually, only 3 incomplete sentences in a 30 minutes show

# The moment she decided to become singer was during her high school period, when she fall sick and hospitalized… that gives her lot of free time to think many things. After recover, she started to visit CD shop, listen to wide variety of music, that’s the time she met Avril Lavigne

# She write all her songs herself. She does the harmonising for her own songs. She uses Fender guitar same as ZONE

# Avril Lavigne inspired YUI to take the music path she has now. Her first street performance was playing Michelle Branch’s Goodbye To You

# YUI first performance was playing Michelle Branch’s Goodbye To You (street performance)

# YUI is from Stardust Music Agency. Same company with Takahashi Hitomi, Orange Range and K

# YUI’s radio show: FM Fukuoka “YUI’s Girl’s Fight!” every Friday 9.00pm – 9:30pm

# YUI most respected person: Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morisette, Yaida Hitomi, Sugashikao

# YUI has being compared with Yutaka Ozaki in Japan

# YUI uses Fender Acoustics GA-45SCE (is also used by ZONE Tomoka, Norah Jones, P!NK and TUBE) and GDC-200SCE

# YUI is famous of her ‘sleeping with guitar’…lying on her futon, playing her guitar until fallen asleep