Some review of magazine Rockin On Japan May 2007

I only put some interesting lines here about YUI. Enjoy read :)

++ Family.

Her family consist of her mom and YUI only. As for her father, he passed away when she was around 3 years old. That’s why when she moved to Shinguu there were only 2 of them.

++ Her father.

She doesn’t really remember anything about him because she was only 3, not even his face nor voice. On the other hand she was kinda curious what kind of person he is, or whether he is cool or handsome. It seems that her father likes to sing, her mom too but her mom is kinda shy singing in front of people. YUI said that she never heard of her father’s singing voice but she thinks that she kinda inherited his ‘loves to sing’ gene.

++ Primary school, asked YUI whether she likes study or not back then.

YUI answered that she was not really good in studies, she prefers making things, that’s why she likes art classes, where she can make things and draws stuff. She thought of being an artist/ painter back then too simply because that she likes to draw. Sceneries, looking at animals or anything and draw it. When she’s free, somehow she will bring around pencil and starts to draw.


In primary school YUI joined knitting club because she likes to make things. But apparently she always forgot to bring certain things. And she joked for being such useless kid. She likes handicrafts too. She learned a lot from her grandmother who’s really good at it.

++ Sports.

YUI seemed to like sports too. When she was in primary school, she’ll play dodge ball, plays kickball during rest hours, it was fun. And she remembers that when the snow causes the class to stop, everyone will play snow battle or something. It was pretty interesting since Fukuoka rarely snows. It was a great class.

++ Another ‘famous’ question, her dream when she was in kindergarten.

When YUI became secondary school student, she saw her picture book when she was back in nursery school. Everyone’s hand prints, plus her own hand print which printed during her birthday. “I missed the time in nursery school~” and brought back all the memories. In the [My dream] section, other girls wrote “Wanted to be a florist” “I want to open a bakery”.

But little YUI wrote “I wanted to be that uncle who sells Takoyaki.” The people who bakes and sells takoyaki in a van or something. The secondary school YUI wondered what’s wrong with little YUI since she can’t be a boy and laughed about it.

Then dear YUI changes the subject. YUI: When I was small, I once told my mom “Give me an elder brother” before too. It’s completely impossible yet I didn’t really get it back then. It’s should be alright if I put ‘I wanted to be takoyaki seller’, but why I added ‘Uncle” in it instead? Maybe it was because I saw some uncle making takoyaki alone all the time, kept on making it, all alone, to make us delicious takoyakis. He seems lonely, maybe I included ‘uncle’ it’s because that I had the urge to help him. I really wanna know why I wrote this too.

Then move on to interesting chart that you can see on picture below.
YUI placed on Songwriter + Sound section


Vocalist + Sound
Tommy heavenly6
Kimura Kaela
Takahashi Hitomi
Tsuchiya Anna

Vocalist + Voice
Namie Amuro
Kuraki Mai
Hamasaki Ayumi
Koda Kumi
Crystal Kay
Nakashima Mika
Hajime Chitose
Hitoto Yo
Hirahara Ayaka
Ito Yuna

Songwriter + Vocal
Onitsuka Chihiro
Utada Hikaru
Katou Miliyah
Angela Aki

Songwriter + Sound
Shiina Ringo
Yaida Hitomi
Otsuka Ai

Source: Half-Banana