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I’m 20! (3/26/2007)

I’m twenty! I just turned twenty a few minutes ago!

The Staff pulled a surprise birthday party on me today, complemented by some delicious sweet cake! I’ll put up some photos from the grand event soon!

I read the flood of messages soon after the party. I must give a shout out to everyone who took the time to write a small post just for me! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

It may interest you to know that 510 messages popped up at midnight last night, the day of my birthday. Or so I heard. Once again I thank you all! I was so touched by it!

You’re always worrying about my health and what not. I hope you keep doing that for the next ten years!

To all adults: I am now one of you.

To all teens: I’m moving into my twenties!

Thanks for all your support and love!

I remember you!