ELLEGARDEN has a sound strikingly similar to some American Pop Punk bands, and sings in both Japanese and English. Because of their usually grammatically correct English lyrics that mostly written by Takeshi Hosomi the vocalist and the generally perfect pronunciations of them, there have been many different theories to him speaks English so well, ranging from him being in a band covering English songs for six years to having a foreign roommate, some says because Hosomi go an Israel girlfriend. It is still not known why.

ELLEGARDEN is one of my favorite Japanese bands lately. They are a rock group that formed firstly in December of 1998 in Chiba, Japan. It includes drummer Hirotaka Takahashi, vocalist Takeshi Hosomi, guitarist Shinichi Ubakata, and bassist Yuichi Takada. Their name is usually abbreviated and is called “ELLE”.

One thing I have been dying about them since the first time I listened to their songs is Hosomi’s clear voice. I do really attract to his perfect English as a Japanese. His voice really makes something for me and also their songs, of course. Their new album that just came out this November is my most favorite album.

ELLEGARDEN has been compared to famous artists of similar style, most notably Sum 41, Blink 182 and Good Charlotte. ELLEGARDEN was the band’s opening act on February 2005 during the Sum 41 Japan Tour 2005. Their popularity comes from the sounds that they bring which has an emotional punch to it.

In 2006 ELLEGARDEN performed in numerous Japanese Summer Music Festivals, such as FUJI ROCK, SUMMER SONIC, NANO MUGEN FES and RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL. Their final tour of 2006 features the American band Allister – the bands became friends during SXSW 2006. It is difficult to get their tour and live tickets. It is not only because they are in Japan and I never can watch them, but also become sold out in a very short amount of time.

Vocalist as well as Guitarist Takeshi Hosomi lists Weezer as the band that he respects the most. He honored the band by warming up with their first single, ‘Undone – The Sweater Song’ during their 2006 U.S. Tour. He is very good friends with Asian Kung-fu Generation’s Masafumi Goto and Straightener’s Atsushi Horie. Ellegarden’s song ‘Niji (Rainbow)’ was made after Takeshi saw a rainbow with them. There is also song called “Pizza Man” that was based on his experiences with a pizza delivery person that he met while living in San Francisco.

I guess for next coming days, ELLEGARDEN will always bring new color not only for Japan, but also for my life.